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CITI Program Browsers Versions & Requirements

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014 01:30PM EDT
Q: What browsers can I use with the CITI Program website?
A:  The vast majority of browsers made within the last 3-4 years will support all the features of the CITI Program website. 
Browsers are either "Supported", "Functional" or "Non-Functional". 
Supported: The site has been tested and verified to work on these browser/operating system combinations. The CITI Program will provide support if you experience issues with the website while using these browser/operating system combinations.
·         Internet Explorer 8 and up on Windows XP and up
·         Current version of Chrome on Windows XP and up/Current version Apple OS
·         Current version of Firefox on Windows XP and up/Current version Apple OS
·         Current version of Safari on Current version Apple OS
Functional: Many other browsers not on the "Supported" list are fully compatible with the CITI Program website. However, we can only test and provide support for a limited number of browsers/operating systems because it is impractical to keep dozens of different configurations. 
·         Internet Explorer 7 - The CITI Program website is fully usable in this browser. A few minor features (such as resizing text with CSS via a link on the page, or storing the last opened item in the menu in the local browser storage) will not work because Internet Explorer 7 does not offer support for those features.  
·         Firefox 3.6 and up
·         Older versions of Chrome
·         Older versions of Safari (including the now discontinued Windows version)
Non-Functional: These browsers so old that they lack basic programmatic or security functions and as a result the site is unusable when displayed in them.  Therefore, they are specifically blocked by the site.
·         IE6
·         Firefox 3.5 or below
Q: Do I need JavaScript or cookies enabled to use the CITI Program website?
A: Yes. The CITI Program website requires both JavaScript and cookies to be enabled in order to function.    If you have either function disabled, please consult your browser's help documentation in order to enable them.

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